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The future of data management: Five priorities for asset managers and institutional investors

A Rimes and Adox Research whitepaper

Learn how these five data management priorities can help diagnose your firm’s data management maturity and help identify where there are gaps in future readiness.

    The landscape of asset management and data management is rapidly evolving, presenting a new set of challenges and opportunities for industry professionals. Gone are the days where the focus was solely on acquiring and mastering core data management. The real question now is: what do we do with that data once we have it?


    Based on survey data and interviews with industry experts, Rimes along with Adox Research have identified 5 core attributes for future-proofing data management:


      • Hyper customization – Delivering bespoke strategies and still maintaining viable profit margins.
      • AI-enhanced - Gaining real business value from Artificial Intelligence.
      • Business relevant - Avoiding techno-goggles to deliver genuinely useful and usable data insights.
      • TCO-aware – Lowering TCO and delivering real business value to investors.
      • Partnered - Having access to domain expertise and technology innovation with optimal use of limited resources.


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