Asset Owner Insights: 2023 Performance Measurement Survey

Asset Owner Insights: 2023 Performance Measurement Survey

    This Rimes sponsored survey reveals many of the insights and information gathered from over 30 global participants in the 2023 edition of the Asset Owner Performance Measurement Survey. This extremely comprehensive research endeavor, sponsored by TSG and Rimes, collected data from over 90 questions, and provides a groundbreaking overview of performance measurement practices across various asset owner segments.

    This survey encompasses the entire spectrum of asset owners and addresses critical areas, including institutional information, performance and risk teams, performance standards, rate of return calculations, analytics, custodians and systems used, benchmarks, and much, much, more.

    The survey will provide answers to these questions:

    • What’s the asset owner’s appetite for compliance with the GIPS® standards?
    • What does the group think about ESG?
    • What return methods are being employed?
    • What are the most common benchmarks?

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